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Fashion with a vengeance since 2009. Today is Thursday, August 27, 2015
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The Night Before Christmas: 2014


Twas the night before Christmas, 2014.

New Yorkers were stirring, post a long brunch routine.

The stocking were brought by Wolford with care,

As we decided which Ana Khouri to wear.

Champagne at Anfora to drown holiday stresses,

And mock tourists outside in their Guess peplum dresses.  

When from out of an Uber, a jolly man tumbled.

In red Uma Wang fur, down the sidewalk he stumbled. 

"On Pamella Roland, On Sally LaPointe,

Help fill this list with the things they all want!"

At a spot by the bar, he sipped Perrier,

As the driver packed gifts in his SUV sleigh.

"Activists and elves – they are all so alike…

They want me to switch to a damn Citibike!

And kids are no better! Through snow and in hail,

No cookies! They leave me Voss water and kale.

Mrs. Claus has me on some Paleo diet,

So I come to this bar for crostini and quiet."

We offer some bubbly to the man dressed in red.

He took a large gulp, thanked us and said,

"Now that is the spirit – you know what I mean.

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy 2015!"

Post by Amanda LaMela

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Talking Suitcase Living with Karolyn Pho


"[…] we shadow our vagabond as she meanders through castles in the air, traipsing between realities and crossing boarders unknown, a traveler, a nomad, lost within her self-perception."

Backstage, Karolyn Pho explained the origin of her runway inspiration – her personal experience splitting time between NY and LA, living out of a suitcase for the past 8 months.

"I surprised myself with what few material possessions I needed, and also how carefree I became in relationships and with the people I met," she noted. Today Karolyn has a singular place to call home in NY. "At the end of the day, it's important to be rooted somewhere."

The collection was an ethereal blend of 'Girl Interrupted' and the ever-present 'Norm-Core' trend. Monocromatic-white looks were pulled together with Dansko clogs, mock turtlenecks, and t-shirt maxis. Oversized sequins and faded animal prints took their most subtle stage yet, on breezy fabrics and crisp silhouettes. 

Post by Amanda LaMela

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Surviving Past Sunday with Nina Athanasiou


Is it just me, or do Sunday night sunsets always elicit feelings akin to the dawning of the apocalypse?

Nina Athanasiou was the last show of the weekend, timed perfectly for seating to synchronize with the fading orange sky. The presentation's dark and unsettling prelude began with an "Insanitarium"-esque video projecting onto to a wall behind the runway. Two-parts asylum, one-part abandoned arcade, and a dash of industrial aesthetic set the tone.

Ribcage  tunics were punctuated by bronze beetle necklaces and "strait-jacket" boots. Anatomic button ups and raw meat prints paired eerily well against steel blue tones. 

Post by Amanda LaMela

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Pick Your Fashion Palette Personality


Fashion Palette was launched in 2009 to showcase and celebrate Australian fashion designers. The organization's ever-growing presence has brought more and more fresh new talent to the New York fashion scene forefront. True to its name, Fashion Palette brought a tasting of eight distinct aesthetics to Pier 59 earlier this afternoon. Here were some of my favorites:

The Bombshell: LEXI

Fresh from the blow-dry bar, the LEXI girl shoots bedroom eyes while LuvStep 2014 blasts through her ear buds. Her hips sway in a graceful, cat-like manner. Unabashedly flaunting it, she dons sheer corsets, mesh caplets, and leather shifts.

The Gyp-Set: Lisa Kelly

In head wraps and floral tie-on skirts, Lisa Kelly's girl is never spotted in the same place twice. She's getting inspired with Jacques Grange in Li Galli on Thursday. She's petting giraffes in Nairobi with Chloe Norgaard on Sunday. Allergic to monotony, she's always eclectically accessorized.

The Melancholy Creative: Salasai

The oversized buttons and quirky prints would suggest that she's perpetually upbeat, but the electric violins in her head hint a yearning for greater meaning. Sitting by the window, the Salasai muse watches the rain with a mug of black coffee in her oversized knits.

The Art Basel Fixture: MISHA

This South Beach socialite has been feeling so much better since she switched to Paleo. Subtly showing off in peek-a-boo lace panels and drapey dresses, MISHA takes it from the pop-up gallery to the beach-side party. And she doesn't even clash with her wristbands.

Post by Amanda LaMela

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Katya Goes 3D


Guests packed into Pier 59 Studios this evening for Katya Leonovich's fluid runway presentation, combining sheer metallic fabrics and cutting edge 3D printing technology. To a driving track of computerized tribal tones, laser cut leathers, tech mesh and sheer linens were accompanied by thorn-like 3D adornments.

It's true, Katya goes 3D for her best show yet. 

Post by Amanda LaMela

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A Bubbly, Electric Fashion Week Kicks Off


For me, NYFW started close to home. Guests flocked to South Street Seaport on Day 1, for a runway presentation by ModaBox and to celebrate the launch of their online styling service. The night started with musical performances by Lanz Pierce, followed by electric violinist, Filip Pogady. Models donning their Friday-Nights-Best walked the elevated runway on Pier 17.

The next presentation led me to an intimate East Village rooftop. Designer, Alax W Diamond posed the question, "What makes girls happy?" as his inspiration for the collection. And happy I was, swilling champagne and tasting macrons while Technicolor looks lined a scenic view of New York.

Last night's party took place at The James Hotel for Currency. Their latest jewelry presentation, Mischief and Vanity, lined the garden beside David Burkes Kitchen. Inside, attendees could view the deliciously scandalous fashion shoot framed throughout the reception. (Check them out at http://currencyny.com/photos

Post by Amanda LaMela

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Unicorns are just horses with their party hats on.


Oh, would you look at that? I remembered my District L site password and everything.

I figured that if I only post during NY Fashion Week, I may forget how to write all together. (Aside from my extensive collection of passive aggressive interoffice emails, all individually titled "Please Advise.")

With all this time off from writing, it took Debbie Harry, Amanda Lepore, and jewelry artist/designer Serene Bacigalupi, to help bring it back. Armed with cans of Pampelonne for discreet public drinking, we walked into Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn last Saturday afternoon, unprepared for such star-studded accessorizing.

Leroy's Place designer, Serene, transfers her original illustrations to 1/8″ thick acrylic and laser cuts the art to fit rings, earrings, necklaces and more. The results include Tammy Faye earrings, David Bowie necklaces, and Alice Cooper rings. And for the guys? Siegfried and Roy cuff links with a White Tiger lapel pin will be your best new conversation set.

If celebrity illustrations are not your thing, she's transferred many-a-unicorn to these durable acrylic accessories. Besides, a unicorn is just a horse with its party hat on. So don't be afraid to step it up, people. Please advise.

Post by Amanda LaMela

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New York Fashion Week Playlist: Fall 2014


New York Fashion Week ended just a couple days ago. The models took their final procession down the runway and we’ve savored our last sips of open-bar champagne. The models and editors are now settled in London, at least for the next few nights – but some remnants of NYFW will linger. Here is the Fall 2014 Fashion Week Playlist of songs stuck in my head.

Marc Jacobs: Zomby – Horrid

Fluffy Magritte clouds were suspended from the Armory’s ceiling as the backdrop to Marc Jacobs’ runway show. Uncharacteristically airy and minimalist looks floated past attendees to the unsyncopated rhythms of Horrid by Zomby. This other-worldly electronica seamlessly complimented Marc’s new chilled aesthetic of monochrome ribbed knits and muted organza flounces. MJ’s head was in the clouds this season – and here’s to hoping he keeps it there.

Richard Chai Love: Mode Moderne - Severed Heads

The slouchy layering and casual vibe at Richard Chai Love was demonstrated with plaid mohair and decontructed leather bombers. The twangy guitar of Severed Heads by Mode Moderne emphasized Chai’s relaxed, menswear-inspired point of view.

Daniel Silverstein: Grimes – Oblivion

Guests mingled at Daniel Silverstein’s model presentation to energizing electronic sounds, such as Oblvion by Grimes. Chunky rope sweaters mixed so effortlessly against delicate, sheer fabrics, just as Grimes’ straight drum beats supported that baby-like coo.

Michael Kors: The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin’

It was 25 degrees in New York during the Micheal Kors show last Wednesday. Cashmere sweaters and fur wraps appeared on the runway to The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin’. Taunting, much? Or perhaps Kors was simply hinting that “I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA.”

Listen, Mike... I’d be warm, but my safety is questionable. Evidently, driving on top of the double yellow line is grounds for getting pulled over on the 101.

Tommy Hilfiger: The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

It’s cute that Tommy Hilfiger has been trying to restore his relevance with futile attempts to rebrand as Hipster-Americana. But I love Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins. So he makes the list.

DKNY: Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun; Peaches (feat Iggy Pop) - Kick It

DKNY is the essence of 90s New York revival. So it was fitting that the brand’s Fall 2014 runway was graced with the sounds of The Violent Femmes and Peaches. Flat brims and collegiate appliqués injected a throwback streetwear attitude, while fishtail houndstooth dresses and black vinyl skirts maintained her contemporary aesthetic.

Post by Amanda LaMela

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The Blonds: Another Breed of Catwalk


A manic degree of beautiful chaos is always to be expected when walking into Milk Studios for The Blonds. Amanda Lepore air-kissing to my left, Kenny Kenny posing to my right, and dead center is Neon Hitch being photographed with a blue puppet.

Photographers circle Kat Graham in her white fish-scale dress and Susanne Bartsch in a glimmering black corset bodysuit. The media frenzy around Carmen Carrera and Joe Jonas is eventually hushed as guests are asked to take their seats for the show. But a few seconds later, security clears a path to escort a pregnant Lil’ Kim to her front row seat between Perez and Paris Hilton.

The lights dim and The Blonds’ neon runway sign flicks on to a cat-scratch sound. “Meow Meow Bitch” by N2 vibrates through the sound system as Phillipe Blond emerges onto the runway in cat ears and a black crystal bodysuit. With looks titled, “Black Cat,” “The Cheetah,” and “Claw Corsette,” I was beginning to think that Philippe was nostalgic for those Alpha Kitty days, circa-2007. The seatmate to my right suggested otherwise, saying that Phillipe and David were inspired by Miley Cyrus and her obsession with cats while they were collaborating on her looks for the upcoming Bangerz tour.

Since I loathe being corrected, I diverted my attention back to Anna Cleveland dramatically twirling around in brightly colored furs to the Pink Panther theme song. For the glamour-puss posse in attendance, it was absolute purr-fection. 

Post by Amanda LaMela

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Enfants Riches Déprimés: Depressed Rich Kids


Edgy LA/Paris-based clothing line, Enfants Riches Déprimés, celebrated  its launch party at The Box last night with a boozy and scandalizing collection showcase. Enfants Riches Déprimés translates to “Depressed Rich Kids.” Designer Henri Alexander portrays his inspiration as “the kid who […] has been given everything his or her whole life, but is still miserable. Chic outcasts, misfits and addicts.”

Catering to these outliers, who were most certainly in attendance,  Enfants presented this season’s collection with just the right amount of provocative phrases, partial nudity, and unexpected theatrics. Simultaneously engaging and detached, Alexander acknowledges the feelings we’re all pretending to admonish – and then invites us to indulge.

Post Amanda LaMela


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