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What Your New Year's Eve Plans Say About You


Congratulations, you survived the third Apocalypse in the past year-and-a-half. You’ve also survived Santapocalypse, the night when thousands of drunk Santas were stealing your cabs and throwing up on your sidewalks. You lived to tell the tale of Chez Andre, drank and couch-surfed your way through a hurricane, and witnessed the expansion of an ODD empire. But now it’s time to worry about what you’re wearing for New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve plans usually come in three separate genres:

The first takes place at a multi-level megaclub with 12-15 of your “closest” friends. After paying $400 each for bottle service or some “premium” open bar, two of your friends will end up crying in the bathroom, one will have broken a heel, and one will have passed out at your table before midnight. If these are your plans, just stop. Stop reading right now. You will all be wearing shimmery bandage dresses and Bebe pumps anyway.

The second genre is the “I’m laying low this year” response. If these are your plans, I suggest purchasing a body pillow and an extra box of Kleenex. You should also make sure your sponsor is readily available. Wear something stretchy.

For the rest of you, well done. It’s time for us to consider a look that will also work for the long 5am L train ride back from some warehouse in the middle-of-nowhere. Or perhaps you’re looking for something resilient, in case that ‘experimental performance art’ gets out of hand. Whether your plans take place in a gutted factory or a sunken ship, we’ve compiled some looks that cover a range of unexpected events.

Alice + Olivia

Jason Wu



Post by Amanda LaMela

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More for LES


After a night of partying in apocalyptic proportions, our circadian rhythm still manages to adapt for fashionable matters. This afternoon, District L will be heading over to the Fashion Forward Fashion Show on Orchard and Broome. Starting at 1pm, designers such as Lois EastlundJames Coviello, and Robert James, will be showcasing their LES designs in an outdoor event, hosted by LES BID.

Find us there -- with BisousCiao macron and d'espresso mochaccino in hand.




Post by Amanda LaMela

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Apocalypse? Now?


Look at this Fucking Screenshot.

We know. We're going to hell in a handbasket because we (artfully, and legally) dodge jury duty, dislike children, and have Twitter(s). But despite all that effort, despite the daily struggle of waking up every morning and plotting twisted new ways to make sure every word we speak and move we make is motivated only by unadultered, brazen self-interest, Hell is coming to us. And Gawker is one of the horsemen.

What looks like an innocent posting from that website (above) is actually an ancient, yellowed Dead Sea scroll floor-grazingly pregnant with apocalyptic prophecy.

Holy Crap! New York City Visited by Hail Apocalypse!

Wal-Mart Plans to Invade Big Cities like New York!

But most frightening-

Starbucks Lines are Going to Get Even LONGER Thanks to New Rules!

Does that mean that these days are numbered?

Shit. I should have only taken half.


Post by Nicolas Sera-Leyva


District L is Amanda LaMela & Nicolas Sera-Leyva



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