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Dean and Dan Caten's High School Reunion


I never fell victim to ‘Graduation Goggles,’ the assumption that when graduation approaches, and subsequently passes, the only memories that remain are rose-tinted, favorable recollections. I never sat through Pomp and Circumstance with mascara running down my face and I never turned the tassel without feeling anything other than liberation – in fact, I think I spent most of my high school graduation ceremony just hoping the mortarboard wouldn’t leave a mark on my forehead.

I would not choose to relive the years leading up to that Polyester-coated commencement, but for the Dsquared2 twins, reunion is just a season away. And, why not? As it seems that Dean and Dan Caten had a much more glamorous high school experience, cheerfully cloaked in Kelly green croco and mink rugby-striped tops.

Their runway sign announced “Class of 2013” and two disco balls were prepped for a very Dsquared2 “prom. Toggled coats and crisp button-downs carried over from the collection prior, but I’ll be surprised if the Caten brothers maintain this unusually polished disposition for a third season.


Post by Amanda LaMela

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What we wear where.


Diverse nightlife calls for distinct looks – not out of a desperate attempt to fit in, but out of the amusing desire to a play different sides of ourselves.


Thakoon Addition = The Wren

The faded paisley of country-side sensibility meets urban ease in this newly-opened Bowery bar. Order a ‘Gamble’ to combine taste with practicality – blending freshness with tried-and-true.


DSquared2 = Electric Room

Anglophiles with a naughty streak will leave their toggled toppers at coat check near the velvet curtains. Past suggestive neon signs, DSquared2 girls lose inhibitions over surprisingly stiff drinks on Union Jack couches.


Erin Fetherston = The Jimmy

Open and airy, yet effortlessly sexy, The Jimmy offers an attractive crowd unrivaled Soho views. Erin Fetherston’s lacey separates match the rooftop’s intriguing vibe without becoming too fussy.


Moschino Cheap and Chic = The Westway

Lucite walls and mood-lit floors pair well with fetishized Lolita frocks and heart-adorned platform shoes. Moschino Cheap and Chic offers the kind of love you can only find off an unassuming slice of the West Side Highway.


Post by Amanda LaMela

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Apocalypse? Now?


Look at this Fucking Screenshot.

We know. We're going to hell in a handbasket because we (artfully, and legally) dodge jury duty, dislike children, and have Twitter(s). But despite all that effort, despite the daily struggle of waking up every morning and plotting twisted new ways to make sure every word we speak and move we make is motivated only by unadultered, brazen self-interest, Hell is coming to us. And Gawker is one of the horsemen.

What looks like an innocent posting from that website (above) is actually an ancient, yellowed Dead Sea scroll floor-grazingly pregnant with apocalyptic prophecy.

Holy Crap! New York City Visited by Hail Apocalypse!

Wal-Mart Plans to Invade Big Cities like New York!

But most frightening-

Starbucks Lines are Going to Get Even LONGER Thanks to New Rules!

Does that mean that these days are numbered?

Shit. I should have only taken half.


Post by Nicolas Sera-Leyva


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